Since its inception in 1977 Tapis Corporation has provided superior fabrics to the aviation industry, and we continue to lead the industry in innovative design and implementation. For the last 28 years under the leadership of President and CEO Karen Caputo, our continued commitment to our customers has been to persistently explore new ways to provide the highest quality of products and services for aviation interiors that meet FAA requirements.

For 40 years Tapis has offered environmentally conscious products concerned with the long-term impact on our present and future lifestyle. The performance attributes of Tapis products ensure a sustainable presence within the aircraft interior environment. We provide a product solution that is a reliable investment guaranteeing product longevity, decreased waste, and low costs for replacement. Our quality ensures a life span that will exceed the expectations for the function and performance of most applications.

Our 38,000 square foot Dallas facility is dedicated to flame-treatment, quality control, and an extensive inventory commitment to offer quick turnaround times that exceed our customer’s expectations.