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Since 1977, Tapis Corporation has been a pioneer in the development of high-performance fabrics for aircraft interiors. The company’s innovative materials maximize passenger comfort, durability, weight savings and sustainability. Tapis’ products are found in the world’s leading airlines and business jets. A woman owned business, Tapis’ corporate culture is defined by superior customer service and a commitment to innovation.

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Ultrafabrics launches Atago in collaboration with Tapis & Franklin at...

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US’ Ultrafabrics Launches New Fabric Solution Atago

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A triumphant return for Aircraft Interiors Expo

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Embracing Home at 40,000 Feet

In a post-pandemic world, the skies have switched from business to leisure. Now more than ever these new travelers are seeking the comforts of home while flying. From plush blankets, to double-sided cushions, airlines are reimagining cabing for the next generation of travelers who value comfort.

Dive into the latest trends shaping the skies and visit The Lounge, where you can find John Walton`s latest blog, `The Comforts of Home at 40,000 Feet`

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May we never forgive and never forget 🇺🇸 Today marks 22 years since the tragic attacks on our nation. We are thankful to all those who served and protected us 22 years ago. Those who lost their lives are not forgotten #neverforget ...

Can you believe we are only one week away from RedCabin USA?

We`re excited and honored to have our Sales Director, Matthew Nicholls, as the co-host with Anthony Harcup from @Teague1926. In addition to being a co-host, Matthew will always be hosting an amazing panel. Four of Tapis` team members will be in attendance, comment below if you`re going too! ✈️

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Happy Labor Day! We hope you`re enjoying the last bit of summer ☀️

Tapis` office is closed today, but we will re-open tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 5 at 8:30 am EST!

Last night was the super rare "Blue Super Moon" 🌕✈️

While this is a "once in a blue moon" experience, you can experience unparalleled comfort, durability, and innovation daily with Tapis products! If you`re interested in learning more about our "out of this world" (They`re literally in space! 🚀) products, comment below!

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