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Since 1977, Tapis Corporation has been a pioneer in the development of high-performance fabrics for aircraft interiors. The company’s innovative materials maximize passenger comfort, durability, weight savings and sustainability. Tapis’ products are found in the world’s leading airlines and business jets. A woman owned business, Tapis’ corporate culture is defined by superior customer service and a commitment to innovation.

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Ultrafabrics launches Atago in collaboration with Tapis & Franklin at...

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US’ Ultrafabrics Launches New Fabric Solution Atago

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A triumphant return for Aircraft Interiors Expo

Aircraft Interiors International

Another successful Red Cabin event in the books!

It was a pleasure to be a part of such great discussions and working groups. As well, it was great to have (majority) of our global sales team together! Seen here, is Tapis` VP of Sales & Marketing, Jason Estes, our Sales Director, Matthew Nicholls, and our two Europe Representatives, Neil Turner and Stephane Hussser.

The first material that we are featuring for our sustainable campaign is none other than Atago.

We worked with our mill partner, @Ultrafabrics_inc, and Franklin products to develop this advanced seating material. Atago combines the function of a high-performance, fire-blocked material used in aircraft cushion assemblies, with the aesthetic appearance of a dress cover material into one complete solution.

This groundbreaking technology reduces the number of components required, without sacrificing the style or performance, and can be applied to different colors and grains. By limiting the components, Atago saves up to 1lb. per pax; which minimizes fuel consumption and emissions.

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All of Tapis` @Ultrafabrics_inc, @Ultrasuede_r, and TapiSuede products are animal-free!

Our materials not only offer consistency from roll to roll, max yield, and durability; our synthetics are less impactful towards the environment than genuine leather.

To learn more about our animal-free materials, head over to our website today!

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Today is #internationalwomensday and we are proud to be a woman-owned and run company. CEO and President, Karen Caputo, made Tapis the worldwide, industry-leading company it is today. We are hoping that the number of women in the industry continues to grow and expand into all sectors ✈️ ...

Can you believe we are only two weeks away from Red Cabin Europe!?

Tapis` Sales Director, Matthew Nicholls, will moderate a Panel Discussion titled "The Importance of `Thermal Comfort` in the overall passenger experience". This discussion will include an array of industry experts ranging from Airline`s, OEM`s, and Design ✈️

We hope to see you there!

Now that you know our goals and promises, we are going to share the actions we have taken thus far.

1. We have worked tirelessly with our mill partners to create customized materials to meet customer needs (stay tuned for more details on these materials)!
2. Of our 25 stocked product lines, 60% have either plant-based or renewable attributes.
3. Limited our stocked items to minimize our carbon footprint and product overhead.
4.Offer products that are free of harmful chemicals

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We are excited to announce that we are offering two new product lines! Coast and Pumice by our mill partner, @ultrafabrics_inc

Coast is an advanced material with its incredibly robust, granular texture and soft, supple hand, Coast is intelligent, high-performance, meticulously designed, and built to last.

Pumice delivers the ultimate in protection and high performance. Warm and cool neutrals highlight the understated textural appeal. EPA-registered anti-mildew, antimicrobial and antibacterial agents inhibit the growth of mildew and microbes.

Head over to our website to request your samples today!

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In our last post, we shared our biggest sustainability goals; today we`re going to share our future promises! If you know Tapis as a company, you know we value honest, trustworthy, honorable customer service above all else. Which is why we feel that keeping our promises are important!

We promise to have a lifelong commitment to innovative concepts and product development that aids in the health of our customers and the plant. We will continue to evolve through extensive investment and research, adapt to changing environments and customer requirements, and we will uphold our values and beliefs through our manufacturing, customer service, and company presentation. We thrive to lead the improvement of environmental and social impact across the industry.

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While we know that sustainability is not a short and completable task, but rather a lifelong commitment. However, we have set high goals to help us continue on this journey.

1. Have 100% of our stocked product offerings contain at least 50% recycled and/or renewable resources by 2030.
2. Continue to develop high-performance, light-weight, durable options that aid in carbon neutrality.
3. Be an industry leader in providing material solutions that aid in reaching individual customer goals.

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