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Thank you for visiting us from Aircraft Interiors Magazine and your interest in our Promessa AV product. Promessa AV is the ideal solution for aircraft seating solutions. It is the only product in its class designed from the ground up for passenger comfort. The unique Takumi four layer model creates the ultimate in short and long haul comfort for passengers.

Promessa AV has anti-microbial protection as standard, download our factsheet below for a more detailed look at our technology. Built by our partner Ultrafabrics, the anti-microbial technology is a proven technology that has established Ultrafabrics products as the market leader in the healthcare industry for over ten years.

Ultrafabrics products are also the class leader in resistance to cleaning and disinfectants. The unique polycarbonate based top coats are engineered for extreme resistance to cleaners and disinfectants, click the link to the right for our comprehensive guide to cleaning and disinfection. Promessa AV can safely be used with recommended disinfectants such as Calla 1452 and Sanicide EX3, both of which are Boeing approved products.

When you combine these features with our high levels of performance against customer wear and lightweight, Promessa AV is the long term choice for airlines to create a safe passenger environment.

Learn about Takumi™ Technology, the crafted intelligence behind Ultraleather®.

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