Revolutionary in the world of seating fabrics, PromessaAV was borne out of the well-established Ultrafabrics® brand but takes things to the next level using an exclusive, proprietary backcloth which provides greater durability, dimensional stability and recovery.

Manufactured using proprietary Takumi™ Technology, an innovative process that engineers mastered performance directly into four layers, the process combines each into one unified system assuring enduring bond strength and longevity without concerns of delamination.

This mean years of active use enduring the demanding rigors of daily travel without compromising on softness, making it arguably the most comfortable seat cover material on the market.

Promessa®AV Apex

The PromessaAV Apex grain was specifically designed for commercial seating and is the most durable and comfortable seat cover product in the aviation market today. It’s unmatched performance, comfort, and weight, are the reason airlines worldwide are selecting PromessaAV Apex as their seat cover product of today and tomorrow.

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Tottori offers a classic, pebbled texture with a matte aesthetic, authentic softness, robust, granular texture and soft, supple hand... and as always, is an animal-free leather alternative.

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Reef Pro

Reef Pro combines powerful performance with a sophisticated sensorial experience. Inspired by the natural beauty of sea coral, Reef Pro features an understated two-tone texture in a range of fresh shades. Added features include our renowned Ink & Stain Resistant solution proven to resist stubborn stains across a variety of markets.

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