Brisa® Collection

The Brisa® Collection is designed, engineered and handcrafted with unrivaled softness, beauty, and durability in mind. The only breathable performance fabric in its class, the Brisa® Collection …

Brisa® Original | Brisa® Distressed | Brisa® Bolero | Brisa® Fresco | Brisa® Mokume

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Stretch Collection

Tapis has developed two revolutionary multi-stretch fabrics in answer to the market’s need and demand for more pliable fabric on windows and headliners and contoured surfaces. These innovative …

Ultraleather® Contour | TapiSuede™ Stretch

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Ultraleather® Collection

The Ultraleather® Collection was created with the goal of changing expectations for what performance fabrics can be, do and feel like, which is why it sits comfortably atop the A-list in the …

Ultraleather® | Ultraleather® Cora | Ultraleather® Matte Vincenza | Ultraleather® Pro | Ultraleather® Promessa® | Ultraleather® Tottori | Ultraleather® Geom

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Elite Collection

The Ultraleather® Elite Collection features 7 appealing patterns: Buffalino, Hammered, Raffia, Vienna, Fusion, Linen and Viva - with the same enduring functionality attributes renowned to …

Hammered | Buffalino | Raffia | Vienna | Linen | Fusion | Viva

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Hamilton, with its woven, lattice-like design, will compliment a variety of interior design schemes, providing a setting of relaxed elegance. Hamden reflects the perfect canvas for any casually …

Hamden | Hamilton

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When Tapis opened its doors in 1976, carpet was our primary product offering. In fact, Tapis means “carpet”. And now Tapis is returning to its roots with the luxurious Essence Carpet …


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Ultratech™ Collection

The Ultratech™ Collection combines state-of-the-art performance with a sensory experience unmatched by any material before it. This collection features a proprietary molecular structure and …

Dwell | Eco Tech | Helix | Cove | Ultratech™ | Wired

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