Ultraleather® Pro


Ultraleather Pro, featuring ink and stain resistant technology, is the next generation of Ultraleather. Ideally suited where durability, comfort and ease of care matter, this collection delivers notable repellency of the most stubborn stains, safeguarding against ballpoint pen, denim transfer* and other difficult stains. Additionally, Ultraleather Pro touts inherent EPA-registered antimicrobial protection.

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Composition100% Polycarbonate Polyurethane Surface, 100% Reinforced Rayon Backing, Proprietary FR treatment
Roll Size33 yards (+/- 10%)
Width54” (+4” – 1⁄2”)
*Also includes EPA-registered antimicrobial protection


Vertical Burn, 60 secondFAR 25.853(a) Appendix F, Part I,(a), 1(i):60sec.
Vertical Burn, 12 secondFAR 25.853(a) Appendix F, Part I,(a), 1(ii):12sec
Seat Cushion with FireblockFAR 25.853 (b) Appendix F, Part II
Abrasion TestASTM D4157 Wyzenbeek method: 500,000 double rubs
Breaking/Tensile StrengthASTM D5034: Warp-85, Fill-70
Colorfastness to LightAATCC 16.3, 200 hours: Grade 4-5
Colorfastness to CrockingAATCC 8: Grade 5


Ultraleather Cutting Instructions Ultraleather Cleaning InstructionsTechnical Data Sheet (TDS)