Promessa® AV Apex


The Promessa® AV Apex grain was specifically designed for commercial seating and is the most durable and comfortable seat cover product in the aviation market today. It’s unmatched performance, comfort, and weight, are the reason airlines worldwide are selecting Promessa® AV Apex as their seat cover product of today and tomorrow.

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Composition100% Polycarbonate Polyurethane Surface with 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon Backing, Proprietary FR treatment
Roll Size30 yards (+/- 10%)
Width54” (+4” – 1⁄2”)
*Also includes EPA-registered antimicrobial protection


Vertical Burn, 60 secondFAR 25.853(a) Appendix F, Part I,(a), 1(i):60sec.
Vertical Burn, 12 secondFAR 25.853(a) Appendix F, Part I,(a), 1(ii):12sec
Seat Cushion with FireblockFAR 25.853 (b) Appendix F, Part II
Abrasion TestASTM D4157 Wyzenbeek method: 400,000 double rubs
Breaking ForceASTM D5034 Warp-120 Fill-70
Colorfastness to Light(Xenon, 40 hours) AATCC 16.3 Grade 4-5
Colorfastness to CrockingAATCC 8: Grade 5


Cleaning GuideCutting GuideTechnical Data Sheet (TDS)