Bolero is the new standard for sound absorption and breathability. Independent testing shows that Bolero outperforms fabrics and genuine leather in sound absorption. This luxury fabric boasts improved low and mid-frequency absorption, significantly reducing cabin noise.

Lower noise radiation and higher sound transmission loss leads to lower cabin noise and higher sound quality….which means more privacy for passengers and crew, as well as less mental and physical fatigue. As a result, using Bolero for your application could lead to significantly lower cabin noise on your aircraft.

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Composition100% Polycarbonate Polyurethane Surface with 100% Rayon backing, Proprietary FR treatment
Roll Size33 yards (+/- 10%)
Width54” (+4” – ½”)


Vertical Burn, 60 secondFAR 25.853(a) Appendix F, Part I,(a), 1(i):60sec.
Vertical Burn, 12 secondFAR 25.853(a) Appendix F, Part I,(a), 1(ii):12sec
Seat Cushion with FireblockFAR 25.853 (b) Appendix F, Part II
Abrasion TestASTM D4157 Wyzenbeek method: 200,000 double rubs
Breaking Force: ASTM D5034Warp-87.8, Fill-73.7
Colorfastness to Light: AATCC 16.3, 200 hoursGrade 4-5
Colorfastness to CrockingAATCC 8: Grade 5


Ultraleather Cutting Instructions Ultraleather Cleaning Instructions Technical Data Sheet (TDS)