Science of Ultraleather®

Since 1966, Ultraleather® has been produced using only custom engineered, premium grade polycarbonate resins utilizing our proprietary Takumi™ Technology which promotes thermal comfort and a neutral body temperature, no matter what the climate. The result is the creation of the most luxurious, high performance polyurethane product on the market.

Crafted Intelligence

Craftsmanship. Spirit. Ingenuity.

These principles define our proprietary Takumi technology, inherent in the creation of Ultrafabrics polyurethane materials. Our dedication to perfection and consistency delivers an experience that changes the definition and expectations for performance fabrics.


Taking its meaning from the Japanese word 'artisan', this innovative process engineers mastered performance directly into the four separate layers, imbuing every fabric with the utmost intelligence.

Surface Layer

Adds durability and ease of care for the life of the fabric and protects fabric from stains and resists liquids and moisture.

Topskin Layer

Unique polycarbonate resin is engineered for maximum hydrolysis resistance, providing enduring strength and long lasting color vibrancy.

MicroFoam Layer

Polycarbonate foam structure provides added cushioning and high moisture transfer for comfort.


Reinforced rayon fibers provide dimensional stability and superior foundation delivers high performance, as well as ease of upholstering and tailoring.

Not all "Polyurethanes" are alike.

We understand the technologies needed to produce high performance materials by utilizing our exclusive polycarbonate resin formula in our manufacturing process. Each product undergoes rigorous hydrolysis testing per test methods: ISO 1419 Method C & ASTMD 3690-02 sec. 6.11.