What's Important to You? - Ultraleather for Seating

By Staff Writer • Tapis Corp • 9/8/2016

What's Important to You? - Ultraleather for Seating image

The engineered products of Ultraleather® offer many of the benefits of leathers and textiles, and a few unique benefits of its own

The competitive nature of today’s aviation market demands products that ensure maximum value to the end customer and help reduce the total cost of ownership. Faced with increasing pressure for weight reductions and fuel savings, airlines must find a seating material that answers these concerns while enhancing passenger comfort and durability.

Constructing seat covers using an engineered product allows for more consistency and greater ease of use during the cutting and sewing process. Additionally, such a product provides consistent yield, color, weight and quality. Ultraleather’s Takumi construction provides a balance of comfort, quality, durability and weight, helping create the ultimate seating experience.


Ultraleather weighs less than leather – in some cases more than a 75% reduction – significantly reducing cabin weight and fuel consumption. At 330 g/m2 this product is even lighter than most seating materials made from cloth. This weight difference can provide fuel savings upwards of $56k annually on a single aisle aircraft.

As it relates to the seating fabric, comfort is defined as the ability to dissipate heat and moisture away from the body without allowing vaporous perspiration to condensate on the fabric’s surface. This definition explains why cloth seats have become the benchmark for long-haul comfort and leather seats become hot and sticky over time.

The Hohenstein Institute, an independent laboratory dedicated to evaluating seating comfort, has performed testing on a number of common aircraft seating materials. They found Ultraleather can be customized to allow the heat transfer to be adjusted to mimic anywhere between a fabric or leather, and all without creating condensation i.e. stickiness.

Whether it’s a short regional flight, or a long overnight flight, Ultraleather can be tuned to meet the comfort requirements of your passengers.

Ultraleather wipe clean surfaces are engineered to be long-lasting. They maintain their top-quality look and feel without having to remove covers and incur laundering costs. The product can be cleaned with common industry cleaners, including bleach.

In addition to all of the operational and maintenance benefits, Ultraleather helps airlines meet their environmental responsibilities.

When airlines switch to Ultraleather, they save more than 12,000 gallons of fuel annually, cut 155 tons of C02 per year, and even save 90 cows, on a single-aisle aircraft.

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