Tapis Custom Products for Vertical Surfaces image
Apr 01 2016

Tapis Custom Products for Vertical Surfaces

As seen in the March issue of Aircraft Interiors International

Tapis recently developed a custom Ultraleather specification that is designed for vertical applications throughout commercial aviation. It is manufactured with low heat releasing FR resins to meet heat release and smoke density standard FAR25.853, Appendix F, Part IV and Part V, and ABD0031.

This new Ultraleather product is a proven solution that gives customers the flexibility to use the product with various composite build-ups and to move smoothly through the certification process. In addition, Ultrasuede BHC and TapiSuede BHC-SS maintain the same characteristics as the standard products, but are extremely lightweight and meet the most stringent flame-retardancy requirements.

Tapis’ in-house lab has been accepted as a certified FAA testing facility for smoke density, OSU heat release and bunsen burner testing, allowing for quick turnaround and the ability to conduct tests as needed.

Aircraft Interiors International, March 2016 issue