Ultrasuede® for Seating in Falcon 5X image
courtesy of Dassault Falcon Jet
Sep 08 2015

Ultrasuede® for Seating in Falcon 5X

Ultrasuede® has been selected as the primary seating material on the new Dassault Falcon Jet 5x mock-up.

After extensive touring across the country with their new Falcon 5X mock-up, Tina Gricius (Senior Aircraft Interior Designer for Dassault Falcon Jet) says that it was a challenge to keep the interior clean and looking fresh, and they replaced the seats with Tapis Ultrasuede.

They are currently refurbishing the 5X mock-up in a new color-way for this year's NBAA and are again using Tapis Ultrasuede for the passenger seat upholstery. Says Gricius, "Ultrasuede has proven its performance in every way - look, feel, quality and resilience. Not only are we using Tapis products for the seats, but throughout the entire mockup."