Innovative Fabrics for Seating in Aircraft Interiors International March Issue image
Aug 18 2016

Innovative Fabrics for Seating in Aircraft Interiors International March Issue

The engineered products of Ultraleather® offer many of the benefits of leathers and textiles, and a few unique benefits of its own. Constructing seat covers using an engineered product allows for more consistency and greater ease of use during the cutting and sewing process. Additionally, such a product provides consistent yield, color, weight and quality. Ultraleather’s Takumi construction provides a balance of comfort, quality, durability and weight, helping create the ultimate seating experience.

Ultraleather® by Ultrafabrics® is manufactured using proprietary technology to create four-layer high performance fabric. This process does not use adhesives or bonding agents creating an extremely durable product and eliminating the risk of delamination.

The first layer is a protective surface providing resistance to liquids, stains and the harmful effects of harsh cleaners and disinfectants. It is responsible for the product’s easy-to-clean surface and can even be enhanced to resist ink and denim staining.

The next layer is the top skin, made with unique polycarbonate resins engineered for maximum hydrolysis resistance. This layer adds enduring strength to provide long-lasting vibrancy and consistent grain retention. It has a wide range of leather and non-leather textures and limitless color selections.

The third layer is a polycarbonate foam layer for added comfort, cushion and unrivaled hand. Additionally, this layer has been designed to transfer body heat and moisture away from the passenger creating a comfortable seating experience even for long-haul flights.

The last layer is a premium reinforced woven backcloth for dimensional stability. It is the foundation and is responsible for the fabric’s mechanical properties. The backcloth can be customized based on the specific application and upholstering technique, creating a seat which looks great throughout its life.

The combination of these four unique layers produce greater performance without compromise. Ultraleather can be engineered to achieve customer-specific requirements, including custom grains, colors, finishes and technical specifications. We can adjust the gloss level, weight, breathability, thickness and incorporate enhanced inherent properties such as an enhanced ink and stain protection for seating applications. This custom process has the unique ability to resist the toughest stains including Denim dye transfer and Ink.

2016 Aircraft Interiors International, March 2016 Issue