Airbus Chooses Brisa HP For A330 image
Oct 11 2015

Airbus Chooses Brisa HP For A330

Constructing seat covers using engineered products allows for more consistency and ease of use during the cut and sew process. Additionally, it provides consistency with yield, color, weight and quality. Ultraleather's® Takumi construction provides an important balance of comfort, quality, durability and weight, thus creating the ultimate seating experience.

Lesser quality resin compositions do not hold up well in a broad range of environments and will eventually delaminate.

Tapis offers two versions of Ultraleather, each with distinct advantages to the seating market: standard Brisa® HP and Promessa®.

Brisa HP is the lightest weight engineered leather product on the market today at only 340 g/m2. A true breakthrough in polyurethane technology, Ultraleather Brisa HP’s proprietary ventilation system provides your customers with long haul comfort. Airbus has selected our Brisa HP for seating in their Ecological A330-300 A/C mock-up in Toulouse because of the unique characteristics this product provides.

The inherently anti-microbial Promessa is the most durable construction in our Ultraleather line. It combines extreme durability with luxurious comfort and will stand up to the most demanding environments.