Better Than Leather

Better Than Leather

Better than leather. You better believe it.

Ultrafabrics® is a premium portfolio of polyurethane high-performance fabrics, ideally suited for aircraft settings that require the look and feel of leather, but need a more durable and practical alternative. PVC free and designed for longevity, Ultraleather is ideal for a variety of uses including high wear applications, while offering a soft and supple hand. The unique Takumi four layer model creates the ultimate in short and long haul comfort for passengers.


Better than leather.

From weight savings and ease of care to consistency and optimum yield, these are simply a ways that Ultrafabrics is better than leather.



Made for human, by humans are fabrics are 100% animal-free. With decades of craftsmanship behind us, we are reshaping the world of leather-free performance fabrics - one surface at a time.


Withstands Harsh Cleaners

Leather cannot be cleaned with anything except mild soap and water. Ultrafabrics protective surface layer is engineered for ease of care and low maintenance. Our fabrics can be cleaned and disinfected with a variety of products, including a 1:5 bleach/water solution.


No Natural Defects

Leather has natural defects from things like warble fly, ticks, brands and general scar tissue from fights and injuries. Ultrafabrics experiences none of that. Our fabrics are engineered for enduring strength with consistent grain, color, and no natural defects.


Future Focused

The supply of leather is finite and is not environmentally sustainable in the long term. Ultrafabrics innovates materials that conserve resources and protect the wellbeing of people and planet. 100% Animal free. Low VOCs. No harmful chemicals or halogens.

Learn about Takumi™ Technology, the crafted intelligence behind Ultraleather®.

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