Since 1977, Tapis has provided quality fabrics to commercial designers and airlines.

Our products provide a reliable and proven product solution with the flexibility to use various composite buildups and move through the certification process smoothly.


Lightweight, Luxurious Faux Suede

Ultrasuede® BHC and TapiSuede™ BHC-SS maintain the same characteristics as the standard Ultrasuede and TapiSuede products but are extremely lightweight and meet the most stringent flame-retardant requirements for commercial aircraft.

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Ultraleather®…the future of commercial seating

Using a consistent seat covering material allows for a more consistent seat weight. With a unique design that promotes a comfortable, neutral body temperature, Ultraleather® creates the ultimate seating experience and strikes that important balance of comfort, quality, durability and weight.

Our new Ultraleather PromessaAV is specifically designed for commercial seating.

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